Heart to heart – Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company has grown! The program, William Forsythe’s Quintett and Rafael Bonachela’s Frame of Mind, are deep, emotional and heartfelt works. The long leggy lines that the company is noted for are looking more and more like the flow of the choreography and less like punctuation marks. Rafael is forging ahead and the dancers […]

Close + Glass = Whitwell

Just last night—a hot Sydney scorcher—I spent time in the cool of the MCA enjoying the current exhibition – Chuck Close – Prints, Process and Collaboration. Chuck Close makes exquisite, highly focused, photo realistic portraits which are usually built up of hundreds of small units of different colours. Unit by unit they make up a […]

Chance Encounter

A positive experience with a teacher can be a life-changing event—it can illuminate a future pathway one might take or, at the very least, expose one to a different philosophy or point of view. Such a moment occurred this week in Sydney and came in the form of Melissa Toogood, Melissa Toogood is an Australian […]

iOU Dances 3 … blink and it’s gone …

Choosing what to see in Sydney … what would compel me to take a night away from motherhood, daughterhood, running a contemporary dance school, and a lovely surprise: babysitting my son’s butterfly chrysalis. Life is tricky, but it also can be beautiful. Just last week my life was made more beautiful when Performance Space offered […]

Beautiful Costumes are revealed in Plain Sight

I went to see Narelle Benjamin’s “Hiding in Plain Sight” at Performance Space on Saturday night. Narelle’s dance was dreamlike with unexpectedly lush phrases of movement. The audience was positioned on opposite sides of the space — and my vantage point allowed me to watch Kristina Chan’s “side” of the performance. Both dancers were exquisite. […]

Dance on Pride Day in NYC

I rushed into a hot summer NYC to New York Live Arts to see Doug Elkins’ work “Trouble Will Find Me”. The company, “10 Hairy Legs”, an all-male ensemble directed by Randy James, was presenting a mixed bill which culminated in Elkins’ new work. Music for Elkins’ piece was by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – […]